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Selecting the Right Architectural Style for Your Home

Whether you are shopping for a new home or thinking about building one from the ground up, it’s always wise to spend some time researching architectural styles. Finding or building your dream home involves several factors, from features and layout to neighborhood and location. If you really want your home to say something about who you are and what matters to you, it is essential to figure out exactly what you want regarding architecture. Here are a few architectural styles you should think about for your home, as well as why you might choose each one.


  1. The Style: Cape Cod

The Hallmarks: The Cape Cod home was initially designed to withstand harsh New England winters. Steep roofs, shuttered windows, and big chimneys are standard features. Muted, natural colors help Cape Cod homes blend in with nature. These homes remain popular in snow-prone regions but can be found in suburban areas throughout much of the country.

The Ideal Buyer: If you want a cozy home with a lot of small-town charm, the Cape Cod might be your best bet. It doesn’t stand out from the crowd but has a quaint appeal that your guests will love.


  1. The Style: Colonial

The Hallmarks: If there is one word to describe the colonial architecture style, it’s “symmetrical.” These homes have a classic plantation-style look to them, with evenly spaced windows, chimneys, and columns. You can find colonial homes in most parts of the country, but they are primarily common throughout the Southern United States.

The Ideal Buyer: You want something formal, elegant, and classic. Colonial homes make a bit of a statement without being too ostentatious.


  1. The Style: Craftsman

The Hallmarks: Craftsman homes are known for their natural building materials. Wood with muted colors, natural stone, and brick often blend in this style, to striking effect. On the inside, craftsman homes are typically characterized by wide-open floor plans. On the outside, they are marked by spacious, wraparound porches.

The Ideal Buyer: Between their open floorplans and large porches, craftsman-style homes are ideal for entertaining.


  1. The Style: Mediterranean

The Hallmarks: Expect red-tiled roofs, grand arched windows, stunning second-floor balconies, stucco walls, and yards filled with lush vegetation. These types of homes are tough to find in colder parts of the country, but they are everywhere in states like California and Arizona.

The Ideal Buyer: Warm weather homebuyers might love the Mediterranean style as a chance to inject some exotic flare into their lives. This style of home also really looks great alongside a flourishing garden, so it’s best for someone with a taste for gardening and landscaping.


  1. The Style: Modern

The Hallmarks: Simplistic design; sharp 90-degree angles; clean, straight lines; emphasis on glass and metal building materials. These features are synonymous with the modern or contemporary architecture style.

The Ideal Buyer: Modern-style homes are usually most popular near bigger cities. However, their designs—which provide plentiful natural light, open concept floorplans, and sustainable performance—are appealing to many a modern homebuyer.


  1. The Style: Ranch

The Hallmarks: Ranch homes feature sprawling, simplistic, and asymmetrical designs. In most cases, ranch-style homes are designed to have only one floor, though some ranch-style dwellings do have basements. Often, there is a focus on balance between indoor and outdoor living, with spacious backyards. Sliding glass doors connect the outdoor and indoor living spaces and let plenty of natural light into the house.

The Ideal Buyer: A buyer who struggles with stairs or a family with young children might appreciate the perks of single-story living. The focus on outdoor living space will also appeal to many buyers, particularly those in areas where the weather stays warm all year round.


  1. The Style: Victorian

The Hallmarks: Victorian homes are virtually the opposite of ranch-style houses. Instead of being simplistic, unassuming, and single-story, Victorian dwellings are ornate, brightly colored, and spread out across two or three floors.

The Ideal Buyer: In most cases, modern developers aren’t building new Victorian homes. However, these intricate and beautiful houses still exist in many parts of the country. They are magnets for buyers who appreciate history, character, and architectural flair.


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