strengthening portfolio diversification

Why Invest in Real Estate?

The majority of investors place their money in securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), which is extremely risky with high volatility and little to no control. It is easy to be enamored with marketed returns or hearing about your colleague's success with a hot stock. The truth is the return is not guaranteed. You will also be hit with brokerage and trading fees that quickly erode the potential you had from day one. For example, a 2% annual fee on your account will result in a degradation of 67% of your potential over 40 years!! Is this where you want to place your money?

Upgrade yourself to a Private Lender in Real Estate. Anyone can do this, but the reason most don't know about it is because it's not widely advertised by the "Stock Sharks" on television and online. Financial growth should be stable and consistent. Private Lenders investing in Real Estate can yield returns from 6% to 12%, depending on the lending amount and lien position. Plus there are ZERO FEES! Your funds will also be secured by a hard asset (real estate), and will be protected through a Promissory Note, Mortgage Deed and Insurance Policy.

Twinley Home Solutions, the investor borrower, consists of an experienced team of residential redevelopers and a strong network of real estate professionals. Educated by the Fortune Builders Inner Circle Mastery Program with countless hours of study and application, we purchase properties below market value with calculated risk and analytical tools to evaluate a purchase price and repair estimates that yield a 'potential' marginal profit. We account for market swings, and with a renovation that takes 4-6 months, any downside is already covered. What you need to understand is that you get paid both your principal and interest first BEFORE Twinley Home Solutions sees a penny. This creates an alignment of interest for us to perform and to perform exceptionally well!

Contrary to stock market investing where nothing can be done to increase the value of a stock price, Real Estate investing has many ways to increase the value of the investment (modernize home, open floor space, add bedrooms/bathrooms, etc), which is accounted for in our company's strategies.

Home renovation companies cannot qualify for traditional mortgage loans due to the conditions of the homes (e.g. cracked foundations, safety hazards, etc), and in the cases they do qualify, the application and approval process is too lengthy. Purchasing properties with cash in a short time frame provides a competitive advantage, and therefore Twinley Home Solutions prefers working with Private Money Lenders.

What Is Private Lending?

Private Lending is the act of an individual lending money to a private person or a company. Essentially the lender becomes a mortgage holder, just like Wells Fargo or Chase Bank, making interest on their loan with the investment secured by Real Estate . The borrower, in this case Twinley Home Solutions, has the benefit of obtaining a fast loan with minimal requirements, in order to have the competitive advantage to purchase a property quickly. In return, Twinley Home Solutions is willing to pay a much higher interest than a traditional mortgage.

Recently if you happened to drive by a house under renovation (dumpsters and subcontractor trucks out front), that house is being renovated and was likely funded by a private money lender. Twinley Home Solutions does this as well, purchasing distressed properties and adding value by improving it, modernizing it, adding square footage, etc. The agreed interest rate will be paid to the Private Lender by the Escrow Company as part of the sale of the property. Twinley Home Solutions will never touch a dime of your money - it is all handled directly by the third party Escrow Company.

One more point to make is Twinley Home Solutions is very conservative in the projects they pursue and accept. Building long term relationships with their lenders is fundamental to the sustainability of their business, and it is paramount we make our lenders comfortable, confident and pleased for years to come!

If you are interested in lending for a return on your investment, it is important to our team that we create and build a relationship to ensure this will be a long-term and sustainable partnership. Contact us and tell us a little about yourself, and we'll get in touch with you to see if we can build a long-term and prosperous partnership!