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Creating Your Own Style When Redecorating Your Home

Perhaps you just moved into your first home and are trying to find the right stylistic flair for the place. Alternatively, maybe you are getting your house ready for sale, and you want to stage it with a unique but appealing look. In either situation, giving your home a personal touch is important. You don’t want the house to look like the page out of a catalog. It’s all too easy to fall into the traps of generic decorating habits. While those practices can result in rooms that look perfectly nice, they rarely result in décor that stands out. To really send a message with your redecorating, you need to find your own style.

Everyone can create their own decorating style. It doesn’t take a professional decorator to get adventurous with colors, textures, fixtures, paint, and furniture. On the contrary, you’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish just by mixing and matching different furniture styles or tweaking the way you place your furnishings throughout a room.

Indeed, all you need to create your own style when redecorating is the confidence to try new things. Here are a few tips to help you develop that confidence and run with it:


  • Before you do anything, do a walk-through of your home: Don’t start by buying new furniture pieces or fixtures. Don’t even start by going online and looking at Pinterest for ideas. Instead, take a walk through your home. Bring a notepad and explore every room as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Which pieces or features do you like the most? Which rooms capture a singular atmosphere or style? Which ones don’t? Are there rooms where the paint color makes everything feel too dark, too washed out, or too bland? Write down your observations without taking time to think about them too much. Later, you can go back through your notes to identify the things that you love and the things that you can exclude. Separating elements of your décor into these two extreme categories will help you determine your style.


  • Think about the house itself: Not all homes have a distinct architectural style, but some do. Do you live in a contemporary home with supremely modern architecture? Do you live in a rustic farmhouse with a more relaxed vibe? Do you live in a ranch-style home out in the woods? Typically, each of these types of homes has its own kind of default décor. Modern homes have contemporary furniture, modern art pieces, and a streamlined look to complement their own, angular architecture. The more relaxed feel of farm-style dwellings lends itself well to mix-and-match décor styling. And off-the-beaten-path cabins or ranch style homes often feel welcoming because of their cozy furniture and decoration. You don’t necessarily have to adhere to these guidelines completely. For instance, it can be a lot of fun to incorporate pieces of modern décor into a classic ranch style home. Subverting expectations is part of defining your style! However, identifying the things you like about the standard décor style for your house can certainly give you an excellent place to start.


  • Try to tell your story: It’s fine to take inspiration for your home’s décor from looking at magazines or visiting the houses of friends and family. However, try to avoid mimicking anyone else’s style. The fun part of decorating is that you get to do your own thing. To tap into the right headspace, pretend that you are writing your personal story—you’re just doing it with furniture, color, and other hallmarks of décor rather than with words. What are your hobbies? If you love music or film, try to incorporate those passions into your décor, at least in a room or two. Do you collect anything? It can be fun to display collections—from books to vinyl records to pint glasses—as part of your home design. Where have you traveled in your life? Were you strongly inspired by the look of homes or buildings in Paris or Barcelona? Try to figure out what moved you about those and incorporate them into your décor. There are countless ways to tell your story through home decoration, so take some time to figure out the best ones.


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