Twinley Homes founders Kevin and Ryan Quinley have a talent for connecting with a wide variety of clients, cultivated by years of collaboration as identical twins.  

Their backgrounds in engineering, technology, public service and construction are a unique combination, and with Kevin at the helm of product design and Ryan driving the execution team, Twinley Homes is positioned as one of the most talented and enjoyable teams to work with.


Business. Product Design.

Kevin is a visionary – empowered with a keen attention to detail and an ability to visualize different avenues to the endpoint. He is driven to achieve products that inspire and gratify clients and team members, and embodies a natural talent for success.

Armed with remarkable project management acumen from the technology sector, Kevin is capable of seeing and navigating both macro and micro to stitch together the full tapestry.


Sales. Product Development.

Ryan is a developer extraordinaire – charged with knowledge and capability to organize and execute plans with acute attention to detail. He instills strengths and values within team members to enable others to do their best work. 

Armed with both Realtor license and Contractors license, Ryan exhibits strong problem solving abilities to maintain traction and momentum from start to finish.


Homes must be more than just structurally reliable. 

Twinley Homes focus on enabling healthy homes – environments that encourage health and wellness. This may include water purification, air filtration, natural light, indoor outdoor spaces, adaptive lighting and smart home technologies.

We aim to design in natural finish elements as a way of bringing nature’s rejuvenating energy into your home for a better you.



Air purification reduces allergens, expels odors and removes toxins to improve health and comfort.



Circadian lighting adjusts color temperature to keep the body's internal clock aligned and supports restful sleep.



Water purification removes unpleasant tastes and hard minerals, and can help improve energy and digestion.



Build home intelligence with product innovations to help boost convenience and security.


Discover more about Twinley Homes

Twinley Homes understands the importance of efficiency while enabling customization to suit the needs of each homeowner. Our goal is to optimize the two while minimizing structural changes leveraging existing layouts from our network of talented architects and designers.

Our layouts are intended to allow for zone modifications custom tailored for your home or family needs as well as cosmetic customizations so your style preferences fit your vision.

We are strong advocates for energy efficient and environmental friendly designs, as well often overlooked essentials like water purification, air purification and smart home technologies to help keep your living environment healthy and to incentivize wellness and happiness.

Currently we’re focused in the California Silicon Valley’s Bay Area, namely in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Alameda counties. We have future plans to expand to other regions given the remote workplace population migrations and will continue to evaluate expansion given the economic and political environments. 

Yes. We offer a pro forma for each offering so you can gauge the return and project details that suit your risk profile. Returns may vary by project but typically range in an annual return of 8% APY or above.

Transparency is very important to us and to build trust with you. During the projects you will receive recurring updates so you’re never left guessing what is happening with your capital. This transparency has been well received by our existing and growing lender base.

We adhere to SEC Regulation D Rule 506(d), which states we can accept capital from those with whom we have a pre-existing condition. So if we haven’t had the pleasure of talking yet, come say hello!

Depending on market conditions and the strength and conditions of preemptive offers, we consider pre-sale on a case by case basis. We understand the importance of customization, but also are aware of the risks to cost and timelines associated with structural changes after designs have been approved through city planning and building departments. 

Our team is always open to work with anyone interested in a new home, and it never hurts to ask. If you have an interest in buying a home before it hits the market, contact us and subscribe to our VIP Network to hear about upcoming and current projects.

Founders Kevin and Ryan Quinley are forward thinkers and LEED Accredited. They believe in providing space where people can do their best work (inclusive of clients and team members) and focus on quality from product design all the way through development. Being twins, they embody a unique collaboration that promotes swift and clear communication, often times naturally unspoken.

Twinley Homes holds both Realtor California Real Estate (CA DRE #02114228) and General B Contractor (CSLB #02114228) licenses.

The vision and branding of Twinley Homes is based around health and wellness, and product designs focus heavily around details and elements that are attractive and desirable to future homeowners. The company is exceptional with technology and communication, as well as business analytics and project management.

Twinley Homes is a breath of fresh air in comparison with conventional builders and development companies. For more information, contact us here or use the form below!